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~Spirited Away~

Can you not hear the fade in my voice?

The pain in my eyes

The sadness I show

Everytime I cry

Do you know how I feel?

Do you know what I hide?

I cant stant this

I just want to die!

Oh do you know that I miss you

As time goes by?

Every second minute or hour?

I find myself asking "why?"

Then I realized I had you

You are my goal

I even got an A

If I cant see you nothing can stand in my way!

Why do I feel like Im dying inside

I miss having you by my side

I guess there are some things even the toughest mask can't hide

I wrote this poem because I missed someone. That person helped me get an A because I used one of thier hobbys/one of my interests for a school project. Unfortunatly most of these poems are going to be about relationships and my emoness lol.