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~Scarlet Blood~


“That movie was awesome!” Althea said while stepping on the escalator.

“Hell yeah I cant believe how that zombie bit off the guys head like that” Nathan said.

“Oh come one Nathan, you’re always like that you’re a horror junkie.” Said Lilith.

Althea, Lilith, and Nathan have been friends since freshman year. Lilith and Althea since they were 8. This was their usual Saturday, going to Scarletsville mall having fun. Zombie Island Paradise was a new movie that just came out. They went on Saturday to avoid the wave of movie viewers.

“So where do you want to go now?” Lilith asked.

“Well I have some money left. Let’s go to Chaos Inc. or Hot Topic?” Althea suggested.

They went to the fourth floor of the mall and passed by a couple of other stores Kay, Macy’s, and a Spencer’s. Althea tried on a black shirt with a skater girl on it, Tripp skirt. She had a red ribbon in her black hair. She even had black lipstick on. She looked like a gothic Cinderella.

“What do you think?” she asked holding out her arms.

Lilith clapped her hands and Nathan gawked at her for a second.

“You look great!” Lilith exclaimed.

“Very nice” Nathan said in an Italian accent. Althea bopped him.

“Let me try this on .” Lilith said holding a black dress.

When Lilith came out of the dressing room Nathan stopped breathing. Lilith took out her scrunchie leaving her long brown hair over her shoulders. She had on a black and purple Victorian dress the draped down to her ankles.

“What do you think?” she asked spinning around. “Nice” Althea said.

“Um…” Nathan said. He noticed he was staring too long. “ you look ok I guess” he managed to say.

“Gee thanks.”

After they bought cloths they went to the food court then they went home.

Chapter 1: Encounter “ Mom! I’m going to the backyard.” Althea screamed from her room.

“Althea if you’re going in the woods be careful.” her mother replied back.

Althea put her Nightmare Before Christmas sweater, TRIPP skirt and boots and grabbed her flashlight. She ran down the stairs, and out the kitchen door into the autumn air. When she walked out the door the autumn breeze kissed her hair and face. The air smelled like pine trees and the grass smelled like sweet dew and was moist from a nights rainfall. She walked around her back yard and looked at the flowers the were growing in her moms garden. She sat on her old swing set the chains were cold in her hands as she gained momentum. After a while she got bored and decided to go into the woods behind her house. The deeper she went in, the darker it got. She turned on her flashlight. She heard the crunching of the dry multi-colored leaves beneath her feet as she stepped, She aimed the flashlight towards the path and saw a shadow from the corner of her eye. Her heart jumped to her throat. She heard a rustling, she looked around flashing the light at everything. She saw a racoon run across some bushes and eased her breathing. She walked at least a mile or two from home without knowing it. She turned around to head back.

As she turned she bumped into a boy. She jumped back and gasped. The boy had midnight black hair with streaks of platinum sliver. He had a bang that covered his left eye that were a dark brown that was almost black. He looked about 18 or so.He wore a trench coat and had on a spiked choker. His ears were riddled with piercing. And his bottom lip was adorned was one silver loop.

“I’m sorry ma’am, did I startle you?” He asked.

His voice was deep and velvety. Althea stepped back once more.

“Yeah I wasn’t expecting anyone to be here.” She said.

“Well I was hunting.”

“You can hunt here?”

“Indeed we can.” He gave her a smirk.

“Well, If you don’t mind, I’ll be going now.”

“So soon? What’s you’re name milady?”

“Um… Althea and yours?” Althea hesitated.

“That isn’t important at the moment. Do you live around here?”

“Yes. It was very nice talking to you but I really must go.”

The stranger laughed and Althea saw a glimpse of the sharp fangs his mouth hid.

“Oh cool caps.”

“Thanks but they’re real.”

“Oh Really?” Althea said in fake interest.

“Yeah, you know, Althea, you are really beautiful.”

“Well… um thanks.” She tried hiding her face so he wouldn’t see her red face.

“Almost delicious.”

“Um…I’m going now goodbye.”

She turned to walk back home but, to her surprise, he was in front of her again. She hadn’t seen him walk in front of her.

“You’re not going anywhere princess.”

Chills were sent down her spine making her hair stand on end. Her heart rate quickened when he stepped closer. She stepped back one more step. Why did I have to bump into this guy? She thought.

“Why were you walking through a dark forest alone? ” The guy said.

His smile widened as Altheas fear began to show. “I’m hungry, my dear."

“ Why don’t you go get some McDonalds or something?” Althea snapped. She was scared but she tried not to show it.

He smiled, and faced his palm out towards her and as if a gust of wind came from his hand, Althea flew across the woods and was pinned to a tree in a split of a second. She dropped her flashlight and tried move but her body was glued to the tree. He held her chin tightly. He jerked her head to the left. He traced her artery from her cheek to her neck and smiled. His fangs glistening.

“Please stop.” Althea whispered.

He put his lips on her neck. He breathed heavily on it.

“What you have is way more then what McDonalds has to offer, my dear. Your scent is so good. The beautiful blood inside you, pumping.”

“P-please stop! Why cant I move?!” She said panicking.

He put his and up her shirt. His hands were cold on her warm body. He kissed her lips hungrily. His lips were hard like stone. She felt a pinch on her lips. Then the slight taste of blood.

“Because my sweet. I’m a vampire and I’m hungry.”

“Vam…pire?“ She repeated.

He looked in her eyes. His eyes were black tinted within red. A devious smile emerged onto his face. He kissed her again hard. He kissed her neck. She tried to flee but it effortless. He tilted her head up then bit into her neck vigorously. She screamed but then it went to a whimper. She felt the blood flow out of her neck rendering her breathless. She looked past him but her vision was distorted. She felt her blood run down her neck to her breast bone and chest staining her shirt. She felt light headed.

She couldn’t breathe and she felt like she was going to puke. She felt her pulse quicken and slow down under his icy fingertips. He let go and Althea fell to the ground. She looked up and saw her blood smeared all over his face he licked it with a menacing grin.

“You were a delicious one just like I thought, to bad you have to die.” He walked away and disappeared into nothing. Althea’s whole body felt numb. She tried to crawl to the dirt path, but she couldn’t. she felt her consciousness fade. She rolled on her back and looked up at the stars.

“Am I going to die?” she whispered then she fell into oblivion.

She woke up to raindrops hitting her face and she was soaking wet. She heard crunching next to her. She looked up and saw a silhouette of a guy. She tried to speak but she couldn’t. Her throat burned. As rain fell on her face, she fell into unconsciousness once again.

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