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~Scarlet Blood~

When she woke up she was in a warm blue canopy bed. She looked around the room unfamiliar with the place. She didn’t know where she was or how she got there. She noticed there were candles and dim lamps. The floor was a green marble. Where ever she was the place looked ancient. She tried to get up but she was in excruciating pain and winced

“ Hey, you’re up. I wouldn’t suggest moving so. You’re badly injured.” said a male voice that Althea didn’t recognize.

She used her elbows for support and sat up. She saw a boy who looked around her age. 18. He had dirty blonde hair and ocean blue eyes. He sat at the foot of the bed. He wore black faded jeans and a silk button down shirt with the buttons slightly open exposing his chest. Wow this guy is attractive. She thought. But who is he? Is he going to kill me?

“Where am I?” Althea asked weakly.

“ My house in the woods found you on the ground bleeding. So I picked you up and put you on my bike and drove you here. You’re body was losing color. There was blood everywhere, your cloths, the ground.”

“Thank you.” was all she could say. The thought stung her mind.

There was an awkward silence. Althea tried to sit and sat up.

“Go back to sleep. You have suffered a lot.

Plus if you don’t rest the medicine won’t work. That vampire did a nasty job on you.”

The word made her twitch. She felt sick just remembering what happened.

“Why go through so much for someone you don’t even know?”

“True, buyt I couldn’t just leave you there to die. My name is Eros by the way. Eros Deneroth.”


He got up.

“Well Althea I put some cloths here so I can wash those cloths. They have blood and dirt all over them. I would like to wash them before I take you home.”

“Thank you.”

“No problem I’ll come back to check on you later. If you want there is a tub in the bathroom over there if you need it.” he smiled and left the room.

Althea got up and looked at the cloths at the foot of the bed. There was a button down shirt and shorts. She brang the cloths with her to the bathroom. She saw a frosted glass shower. She took a shower and washed her hair. After that Althea put on the cloths that Eros gave her. They smelled like a guy but in a good way. She was thinking about taking a nap but she wasn’t tired. She was deciding on resting or looking for the kitchen. She decided to get up. She didn’t trust anyone at this point. She walked out a big wooden door and into the hallway.

The hallway was long and had a red carpet. There were doors and a stairway at the end of the hall. She walked past the doors, pasted the stairway. Where am I? she thought. A mansion? She walked down the stairs and something smelled delicious. She followed the smell and found Eros over a pot stiring something. He noticed her from the corner of his eyes.

“Hey surprised you found…” he looked at her. “… the uh kitchen.” he said.

He was speechless when he saw her. Her body sank in his shirt and her hair was soaking wet and dripped into his shirt which showed some cleavage. He noticed he was staring too long. He felt his cheeks tighten and quickly turned back to his pot.

“Uh… sit down. So you can eat.”

Her neck was stinging again. She put her hand to her neck. Eros ran out the room and came back with a needle and vile.

“What is that?“ Althea asked.

“A syrum. It stops the pain and helps prevent symptoms of vampirism.”

“Oh. I still don’t like needles get it away from me.”

“ Althea without this you can turn into a vampire.”

“Fine!” she said harshly. “I’ll do it.”

He injected her with the needle. She winced. When the needle was out she sat down and had chicken soup and rice.

“How do you know so much about vampires?” Althea asked.

“My old man was a hunter. He helped out a lot of people. He taught me many things.”

“Oh? Like?

“How to kill vampires, combat, medicines, stuff like that.”

“Oh. So how long are you planning on keeping me here?

“I’m not sure. Because you need to rest tomorrow most likely.”


“Well its too late today. You’re badly injured and if you get attacked I’m going to have to worry about you.”


They ate their food quietly. He was looking at her eat her food. My god she was cute. He cleared his throat before he spoke.

“So, tell me in about yourself. What are you into in your spare?”

"I like write poems and stuff. Listening to music and stuff. You?"

"Well hmm, lets see. I'm into music, hunting vampires,practicing combat and weaopnry"

"Cool you're very busy."

"Well I got alot of time on my hands"